Simplify Your Financial Life

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and ledger books. This is budgeting for the 21st century.

Sync with your spouse in real-time
Check balances on-the-go
Simplify future spending plans
Import bank transactions
Secure against data loss

Visualize Your Budget

Step away from tedious spreadsheets and embrace NeoBudget's elegant visual design. Our software turns budgeting into a visually appealing and simplified experience, making it easier to achieve your financial goals.

Split Transactions

Discover the power of visual budgeting with NeoBudget's transaction splitting feature. Divide your expenses into different categories, ensuring a comprehensive and easy-to-understand financial overview.

Drag, Drop, Done!

Say goodbye to tedious transaction sorting. With NeoBudget, you can easily drag and drop transactions into categories, turning a complicated task into a simple, satisfying experience.

"Thank you so much for this fantastic program. I am now able to give my deployed husband a way to see our financial envelopes any time he has Internet access. What a huge blessing it is to give him freedom to keep up with family finances even from a world away. It will be an encouragement to him to be able to see first hand how we are coming along with our goals."
– Jennifer

"Thanks to NeoBudget, my wife and I don't have to worry if there will be money at the end of the month for bills. Because we set up a plan using the budget editor, we know our expenses are covered. The best part is that NeoBudget much cheaper than the everything else. I just budget it out of the spare change that is left from each paycheck."
– Brian

"I have used other programs and they were okay but didn't clearly allow me to see what budget categories were negative. Plus I would tend to forget to update them regularly but NeoBudget is so fun that I want to update it all the time. NeoBudget tells me right on the homepage with bold red letters if I am negative in any envelope."
– Whitney